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Pedestrian Dies in Tragic Florida Car Crash

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Monday morning started like any other work day, until a car hit a pedestrian leaving one dead.  The other driver fled the scene making the incident a hit and run.  Shortly after the Monday evening news aired saying there had been a hit and run the driver came into the Horry County Police station and turned himself in.  He was then interviewed by authorities.

A car hit and killed a pedestrian on Highway 22 in Horry County on Monday in the early hours of the morning.  According to Horry County Deputy Coroner, Darris Fowler, the collision happened around 1:45 am and 23-year-old Andrew McGuire lost his life while walking along the highway.

SC highway patrol MAIT team investigated the accident and said that access to SC 22 to Conway from US 17 was closed due to the accident.

 In addition to the story of the hit and run, Dowling also released a description of the car that allegedly hit.  Police sent out bulletins to be on the lookout for a 2010 to 2015 Cyber Grey Metallic Chevrolet Camaro.  They were instructed to look for a car of this make and model with damage to the passenger’s side of the car.

Once the suspect turned himself in the car was impounded and processed for evidence as the investigation proceeds.

“We do have a suspect and the suspect has spoken with investigators.  We are waiting on SC MAIT to complete their investigation before we take any additional steps,” Dowling said.

When you get behind the wheel of a car you assume a huge responsibility and have to constantly be alert to other cars and pedestrians.  It is so sad and tragic when someone who is simply walking down a highway loses their life in such a violent way,” says Matthew J. Jacobs, member at a leading personal injury law firm in Florida at

Dowling has stated that while North Florida Police have interviewed the suspect in regard to the accident on Monday, August 29 the person is not in police custody at this time.  Also no formal charges have been filed against them.

1422027_1280x720Hit and runs are a serious offense across the nation and South Carolina is no exception.  Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime and carries stiff penalties.  These penalties can include large fines and jail time.  However, if the pedestrian is injured or in this case dead, then leaving the scene or a hit and run becomes a felony offense.

If you or your family have been the victim of a hit and run or any other personal injury through no fault of your own its time to take steps to protect yourself.  The first think you need to do is to retain an attorney who you trust.  The attorney will review your case and let you know what action can and will be taken.  It is important to let them navigate this very challenging process.  Let your personal injury John Bales Attorneys fight for you!

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Your Tampa Personal Injury Case: The Basics

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Here’s some general data to help guide you through the procedure of a personal injury case in Tampa, Florida.
Look for Medical Attention
On the off chance that you are harmed, regardless of what the circumstances, converse with your specialist. Your wellbeing ought to dependably start things out and chief. Make an effort not to minimize any agony or enduring you’re feeling. On the off chance that you get hurt at work, contact the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation.
Gather Evidence
Start to gather confirmation to help your case. Address witnesses, keep a diary, and take photographs. Here are a few things to consider:
Keep a diary and datebook: Jot down every essential subtle element you can. Keep on keeping notes as your case advances and stay informed regarding dates including restorative arrangements.
Report the mishap: Report the mischance to the police, your insurance agency, or the gathering you accept is dependable. On the off chance that you are reached by the insurance agency which speaks to the mindful individual, recollect that it is regularly best not to give the organization an announcement without first reaching a legal advisor.
Take photographs: Evidence is the strongest connection to winning individual harm cases. Take photographs or features from all points at the mischance scene and of the harms endured. In the event that harmed, consider taking photos occasionally of the wounds.
Accumulate the essential data: Obtain police reports and the personality of any witnesses (name, location, telephone number).
Contact a Lawyer
On the off chance that you are not certain what to do, a legal counselor may have the capacity to offer assistance. Legal counselors take individual damage cases on a possibility expense premise. Essentially, you don’t pay anything forthright. The attorney just gets paid provided you win your case. A settlement is viewed as a “win” and your lawyer will doubtlessly be qualified for gather their expenses.
 Personal-injury-lawyer-in-Miami-FloridaGeneral Outline of a Florida Personal Injury Case
Unless you have been a party to a claim in the recent past, it is hard to realize what’s in store when you have been harmed in an impact or crash. Here’s a general portrayal: Someone is harmed; A dissention is recorded and served by the offended party; The respondent may be obliged to record an answer; Both sides assemble proof; A pretrial meeting happens in the middle of judge and the lawyers to examine conceivable settlement. You might likewise have the capacity to contract an arbiter and settle out of court; If there isn’t a settlement, trial happens; Either gathe
ring can request the choice to redrafting courts.
Florida’s Negligence Laws: Pure Comparative Negligence
With a specific end goal to win your case, you must demons trate the respondent was careless or “at fault” for your wounds. There are various diverse approaches to demonstrate deficiency. It will rely on upon the specific circumstances. Florida utilizes an unadulterated near carelessness guideline. On the off chance that you are in part in charge of the occurrence that brought on your wounds, then your potential grant attrial is lessened. Fundamentally, you can recoup regardless of the fact that you are 99 percent at fault, in spite of the fact that your recuperation is diminished by your level of deficiency. Here, it would be 1 percent of the jury’s decision (on the grounds that you are 99% at deficiency).
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Two Miami women arrested for alleged staged accident

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CFO-jeff-atwater-4x6A plague of insurance fraud, Southern Florida has been experiencing in recent years. And the problem even today does not seem to get any better. In connection with an assumed dramatic accident scam, two Miami women were recently arrested. This has been announced by Jeff Atwater – Florida Chief Financial Officer.
Authorities arrested Rebeca Fara Velazco which is 61 years old and her daughter Daisy Sarmiento which is 41 years old. They charged them with PIP insurance fraud, grand theft, racketeering, organized scheme to defraud, patient brokering and operating an unlicensed clinic. This is according to Atwater’s office. Despite attempts to reach them at home and work numbers listed for them, the women could not be reached.
According to, PIP or personal injury protection, regardless of which driver is at fault, personal injury protection pays medical billsfor policyholders injured in auto accidents. Florida drivers are required to carry ten thousand dollars worth of coverage. There is a heated debate going on right now over whether the ten thousand dollars limit is leading to the massive fraud occurring in the state.
More than a three dozen arrests of a clinic owner, doctors, staged accident recruiters, clinic employees have been made as part of a state personal injury protection sting which is called Operation Dark Horizon. Atwater said in a statement that these phonies are driving up auto insurance premiums for honest people of Florida. He also
said that when they got caught they are going to have a hard time.
The Florida Consumer Action Network exposed a recent study to find flaws in data used by state leaders to push legislation to fight personal injury protection fraud. Supporting the idea of beefing up anti-fraud prosecutors was announced by the group’s executive director, suggests doing a cost-benefit analysis to see if it makes logic or if taxpayers are better off supporting other forms of crime, because the state doesn’t have the money for it.
The Department of Financial Service, the state agency Atwater oversees, has forty seven full-time employees dedicated to personal injury protection squads, costing about four million dollars, from side to side its Division of Insurance Fraud. Complaints and tips that are investigated come from insurers, attorneys, policyholders and others.
Another division within the Department of Financial Services that holds insurance consumer complaints has around fifty specialists that answer insurance questions and almost two-thirds of the calls they take are on auto insurance issues and homeowner. According to the department, that works out to about one point five million that goes
to helping those consumers.

Car accident can damage more than your car. Lost wages, medical bills and other expenses can be added up quickly and it can also put a serious dent into your bank account. Known as PIP insurance, personal injury protection such as the one provided by these st. petersburg auto accident attorneys can help you to discharge that costs and it can help you to protect your family and your friends after a covered accident. It is always better to protect yourself.

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What Falls Under Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

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 Nursing home neglect is like nursing home misuse from multiple points of view; however, they are not the same. While nursing home misuse infers a particular goal to damage the senior, nursing home neglect is characterized as a break of obligation or manifestati on of sub-standard care that outcomes in mischief to the patient. The break of obligation or sub-standard consideration must be a sensibly predictable result of the nursing home’s careless activities.
Sorts of Nursing Home Neglect
Nursing home neglect can fluctuate among individual cases, however the four essential sorts of nursing home neglect include:
– Emotional or social disregard, where the senior individual is over and over overlooked, took off alone, or coincidentally snapped at by an overemphasized nursing home staff
– Personal cleanliness disregard, where patients don’t get sufficient help with clothing, cleaning, showering, brushing their teeth, or different types of hygienic practices
– Medical disregard, where the nursing home neglects to give satisfactory consideration, anticipation, or prescription for concerns, for example, cot wounds, diseases, cuts, diabetes, cognitive illnesses, and versatility concerns.
Indications of Nursing Home Neglect
Distinguishing nursing home neglect cautioning signs can be exceptionally troublesome. Contingent upon the careful sort of neglect, there may not be any physical indications of nursing home neglect present. Moreover, behavioral changes are best recognized when a nursing home patient lives near to family, companions, or friends and family. An elderly patient that does not see family frequently may experience issues communicating concerns, for example, enthusiastic or social neglect.
Usual Nursing Home Issues
An elderly patient dwelling in a careless nursing home is at an increased danger for genuine ailments, diseases, wounds, and demise. While a few types of nursing home neglect are self-evident, numerous instances of nursing home neglect go unnoticed and unreported. Reporting nursing home disregard can mean the distinction in the middle of life and passing for the elderly patient.
Unhealthiness, lack of hydration, and bedsores are all essential attentiveness toward a nursing home patient. These physical types of nursing home neglect may be all the more effectively identifiable for the patient’s family when they visit. Wounds from nursing home falls, or strangulation in a nursing home cot, are likewise both samples of physical nursing home disre
Forestall Nursing Home Neglect
Nursing home falls and bunk suffocation are manifestations of physical carelessness that happen all the more all of a sudden. In any case, these careless nursing home occasions can be forestalled. The nursing staff ought to be promptly accessible to support patients with versatility issues. Patients that are distinguished as high-hazard for nursing home falls ought to be wiretapped oftentimes. The staff ought to give careful consideration to the nursing home environment, quickly determining any sterile and wellbeing concerns. The nursing home inhabitant’s sleeping pad
ought to be flush with the couch edge or cot rails, to keep the patient from choking between the bedding and the railing. The nursing home patient ought to be observed for changes in portable or mental capacity, and any creating therapeutic concerns. Endeavors in keeping senior patient’s wounds can be a consolidated exertion. Exploration demonstrates that nursing home patients who are gone to frequently by family, companions, and other friends and family are more averse to experience nursing home disregard or ill-use.
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How to file a personal injury lawsuit

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SlippedSo, something happened to you on the streets of Tampa, or in your home, or anywhere else, and you’ve been injured because of someone else’s negligence. Then you should file a personal injury lawsuit, and in that way you can settle with the other party and receive a certain amount that can covers the cost of your treatment, no matter what it may be. And even though insurance companies offer settlements, you should hire a personal injury lawyer and file a personal injury lawsuit to receive the proper compensation for your injuries. But, how to do that? Well, we are about to show you.
First of all, you need to see if you’ve got the potential grounds to file this type of a lawsuit. If your injury was caused by another party negligence, then you have the grounds for it. You’ve got the grounds for a lawsuit even if the insurance company offers to pay your bills. But, you cannot take that offer! Then you give up the right to file a lawsuit.
Then you should gather all the evidence possible regarding your injury. Everything you can get your hand on: police reports, medical documents, photographs of your injury, etc. Also, you should gather all the documents that may prove that your injury has led to a loss of income.
You should contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible, because some lawsuits can only be filed within a year after the accident and other in even shorter time. It all depends on the type of injury you’ve sustained. Then, you should share your documents with the attorney, and he’ll tell you if you have a case against the other party. Tell your lawyer everything there is about the case, and leave no stone unturned. Remember that your lawyer cannot give any of it away because there is a confidentiality agreement between you two. The more honest you are with the personal injury lawyer, the stronger the case will be.
 Now that you have a lawyer, you should consider settling with the other party. These can occur even before you file a lawsuit. Some people don’t want to be dragged around courts, and are willing to reach a settlement before the lawsuit is filed. During these settlements, the two parties will try to come to a mutual ground regarding the settlement, and how much should be paid to the injured party. Your attorney will try to negotiate the best possible outcome for you
in this situation.
If the settlement has failed, then go ahead and press charges against the other party, but only press charges if you believe that your case is strong enough. Your personal injury lawyer will be your advisor, and he will tell you if you should file a lawsuit, or if you should drop the charges. But, filing a lawsuit does not mean that you’ll be
going to a trial, because your lawyer might come to an agreement with the other party even before this happens.
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